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New beginnings

St Nicholas Parish News The new year brings fresh opportunity for us all and that is equally true of bodies such as the church. We ended the 2018 with the loss of an old friend, the Great Beech tree which cast its shelter and shade over the top of St Nicholas...

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What Makes you happy?

Sometimes we are bowled over by something very simple and very beautiful. A ‘phone call from a grandchild to tell her grandparents she had received a “Head Teachers Award” would not make the headlines but would have a profound effect upon the hearers far greater than...

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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is always an important point in the year for rural communities. So much is dependent on a good harvest. This year has been a challenging year for farmers and growers, yet for the most part all has turned out well in the end. Sunday 7th October we...

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Harvest Festival

As I wandered round the garden this afternoon, I reflected upon the amazing summer we have enjoyed. It was quite hard work keeping things going at times, luckily watering was not a problem. It has been for some farmers a real problem finding enough food for their...

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Please take time to be still, pray, and get to know our church and its surroundings. This unique Romanesque Norman building has been here for about 1,000 years, but it was built on the site of an earlier Saxon church dating from the beginnings of Christianity in Dorset. Read more